In honor of the individuals and experiences we’ve recognized during LGBTQIA+ Pride month, Mental Health Awareness month and Juneteenth, I want to share with you three artists who have greatly inspired me: Charles McGrath (aka Miss Oona Upland), Kelsey Daniels and Samantha Louise. I’ve had the privilege of knowing and photographing each of them, and am grateful to them for allowing me to learn and share a part of their stories.

There is beauty in our differences and in understanding each other. There is beauty in showing up exactly how you want to be seen. Each of these humans inspires those around them to be the most authentic version of themselves.

“I show up to every space wholly myself pulling from my extensive background as I curate and dream into experiences that are unique and lit,” says Kelsey on her website. “I transform spaces by being and bringing presence.”

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to meet people who I may otherwise not have had the opportunity to know. The more we get to know about another person, the more we can grow to love them.

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