I’m excited to share our new Overview gallery, featured on the home page of our website. This Overview is the result of an APA San Diego event that I was honored to participate in, featuring an editing critique by Beth Huerta. 

Beth is the Senior Agent/Editor at the award-winning agency Candace Gelman & Associates, and has worked with industry experts such as Sandro, Marcus Smith, Sam Kaplan, Olivia Bee, The Voorhes, Art Streiber and Kennedi Carter. 

I provided Beth with 100 images that I felt best embodied SKP’s scope of work. Beth then edited these photos down to 40, arranging them in a visually appealing sequence, or “tapestry,” and I am thrilled to have you explore them!

With a portfolio of work that spans 15 years of capturing diverse subject matter, it was a challenging feat to identify just 40 images that represent my body of work as a whole. Beth described the tapestry that she presented as, “giving a sense of LA! and fun! and being busy and being real in everything that you do.”

I hope that this Overview gives my prospective clients a quick read of who I am, and lets them hear my voice loud and clear.

I am always exploring ways to engage this awesome community, share my work, and be of service. This blog and our new SKP newsletter is a medium for this exploration and I’d love to learn what you are interested in. Please share a comment below with your thoughts and feedback!

To discover the full overview head to the SKP Galleries page on our website and click on Overview!

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