I am a San Diego-based professional photographer with 10+ years experience in editorial and commercial work. I specialize in capturing fresh portraits for creatives and entrepreneurs, and bold content for iconic lifestyle brands. Recent clients include Johnson & Johnson, Uber, Compass and ServiceNow.

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Connecting with my subjects is my favorite part of photographing people. 

Making them feel relaxed and at ease is my ultimate goal. Even if we only spend a brief amount of time together, I want to get to know them and help tell their story. That connection is what turns a good photograph into a great photograph. 

The environment is crucial to storytelling. Whether we’re out in nature or indoors, my eye is drawn to every detail. It adds depth and reveals the hidden layers within someone’s personality, while giving clues about their background, culture, and what’s important to them. Every environment is unique and it intrigues me to discover interesting places and the people within them. 

Light is everything. I am comfortable working in just about any lighting condition, and am confident in blending artificial and natural light to create an organic and natural look and feel. 

Photography can often be a one-woman sport, but working with a talented creative team brings me so much joy.

I want everyone to feel welcome to bring their ideas to the table. When we collaborate, magic happens. 

Hiring a photographer doesn't have to be a headache. Whether you're looking for new portraits, social-media content, or commercial campaign photography, I can help guide you toward quality solutions that sparkle, represent your brand and sell your product or idea. 

I pour my everything into a shoot. It is not only a job, but a complete reflection of who I am. 


"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Stacy!" 

"We don’t even need any retouching and the color looks amazing! LOVE that you let us download it all so we can keep the outtakes for memories! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!"

KC & Alfonso

"Thank you for capturing a vibe and making us feel so relaxed!"

"I chose her because I loved her work and I wanted to “level up” my design business & website with professional photos. She went above and beyond what I was expecting. Her photography, editing skills & all around professionalism is rare to find in a photographer. I am so glad I made the investment and I know I can use these for years to come."

"You were terrific to work with, and the photos are beautiful and praised by many departments here at Vacasa. I hope we get to work together again in the future!"

Renee Hoogs, Vacasa

"Thank you so much for everything! "

"It is an absolute delight to work with people who see 'the' vision and make it better. I can not say it enough. I'm just so happy. You are so good and I just LOVE working with you! Thank you!"

Emily Jones, Vogue Knitting

"Thank you Stacy for your meticulous planning, for putting us all at ease, your creative flow and capturing THE shots.

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