It's no secret that a lot of us feel nervous in front of the camera.
That's why you should hire a pro.

Shooting with us might remind you of a yoga class... "Relax your shoulders. Turn your hips over this way. Chin down a little bit."

The best thing about hiring a pro is that we're looking at more than just you. We're watching the light, mostly, and everything that's happening around you. Trust us, the last thing you want to do is is rely on your buddy’s iPhone and Portrait Mode. It may look similar to what a high-end DSLR can produce, but it's what's behind the camera that counts. Don't be surprised when you get sent home with 100 photos -- all of which have a trash can in the background or a tree limb shooting out of your head. 

Lifestyle Portrait Experience




Style consultation via phone or email

On-location photo session

Up to 3 looks, 3 locations

50 post-processed hi-res digital photos 

This half-day session focuses on achieving a creative FLOW. We will set goals ahead of the shoot about what we want to capture and how you want to feel, and communicate during the session to make sure that we've accomplished what we've set out to create.


Lifestyle product photography

Studio product photography

Content creation and planning

E-commerce product photography

Your social-media content should stop scrollers in their tracks. We create bright, crisp images that disrupt the feed and tell your brand’s unique story. 

Services offered

We’ve worked with such international brands as Uber, Johnson & Johnson and VOGUE to tell real stories in an authentic and genuine way — whether we’re on location or in studio. 

Our aesthetic is clean and minimalist, yet vibrant and playful. We like sharp details, shallow depth of field, creative perspectives, rich colors, textures and dimension. No fuss, all heart.

Stop-motion animation

Production stills

BTS stills

Creative direction






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