Branding Shoot with The Bloom Coach

I am always thrilled to collaborate with fellow female entrepreneurs who are seeking captivating photos to embody their brand. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Marie McDonald, a Speaker, Life Coach and the brilliant voice behind the Bloom Your Mind podcast. When she approached me about the launch of her Bloom Room project, I could sense that a world of creative magic was about to unfold.

I worked closely with Marie through a series of conversations and mood boards to discover her story, brand and vision for this exciting new endeavor. This process allows me to connect with and understand my clients, ensuring that every photo shoot and image reflects their authentic selves – a practice that lies at the core of my artistic philosophy. 

Our time together was an absolute blast, filled with expression, ease and a shared passion for bringing Marie’s unique personality and purpose to life through the lens. It’s moments like these that remind me of the gratitude I have to work with such inspiring, bold, and talented individuals. Through my beloved medium of photography, I am able to express my true calling and capture the essence of my client’s remarkable journeys.

“Stacy was amazing to work with,” said Marie. “So fun, not awkward, and brought my wild ideas and visions to life in a way that was better than I ever imagined. My brand feels on point professionally, but with an edge, warmth, wildness, and humor that feels like me.”

If you’re ready to embark on a visual journey that celebrates your unique self and brings your brand to life, let’s connect and create something beautiful together!

About Marie: 

Through the Bloom Your Mind podcast and the Bloom Room, Marie teaches innovators how to turn their ideas into real things, while having fun. She weaves together design thinking with conscious and unconscious mind work to help connect her clients to a community of amazing people where, side by side, their visions can exist in the world – where they belong. 

Visit to learn more. 

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