It’s been 12 years since I took the leap and turned Stacy Keck Photo (SKP) into a full-time business and career, never looking back. SKP has grown exponentially during these years, and I have had the privilege of capturing some of the most creative, inspiring, and brilliant individuals, businesses and brands. I’d love to take a moment to thank you for supporting SKP over the years and re-introduce myself as our team, services and mission have continued to evolve alongside our incredible, expanding community. 

This is the space to stay updated with all things SKP and to gain deeper insight into what we do and why we do it. I’ll share some of my favorite tips and projects, while highlighting stories about the entrepreneurs and creatives that we’ve captured. Consider this your new behind-the-scenes look into the world of SKP.

Mostly, I am here to connect with all of you. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. At SKP, it is our mission to help our clients be seen in the best light, and in a way that is truly unique to you. When we share ourselves with the world, we inspire others to do the same. Thank you for trusting me with this very sacred opportunity.


If you haven’t had a chance yet to experience the interactive world of the WNDR Museum (located in San Diego, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle), you must go! I recently met up there with one of our SKP Associate Photographers, Kat Caudle, where we captured these stunning photos of each other in the midst of the exhibition. WNDR is a ‘collective of thinkers, artists, poets, and designers working at the intersection of art and technology.’ This truly resonates with me, as SKP’s broad portfolio of work is reflective of artists and designers working in these fields. 

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