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Building Stacy Keck Photo in San Diego has been a photographer’s dream come true.  A border city surrounded by vibrant Mexico, the great Pacific Ocean, the stunning Laguna Mountains, and dramatic Anza Borrego Desert, the city comprises breathtaking, diverse natural and urban landscapes. Marine layers of dewy light flood the coastline early morning and lush hues of pinks and purples wash the chaparral at sundown. Minimalistic lines and shapes form sharp designs on downtown’s concrete slabs, while soft shadows of date palms dance along our walkway. 

Over the years, neighborhoods have embraced their own unique identities – their entryways often marked by colorful banners, welcoming visitors and residents. Local small businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs have filled these communities with creative ideas, bold artistry, and brave endeavors. Their crafts and products are reflections of our environment, history, and evolution. It is my greatest joy to be able to capture these individuals and their stories in a city that brings me such amazement each and every day. If you find yourself reading this today, take time to pause and notice the everyday subtleties around you, the natural art that unfolds, and the stories that vibrantly paint our city.

Rebuilding the Site for Balboa Park’s 1,200-Acre Backyard

Have you recently checked out Balboa Park’s new website? Creative agency Fifty & Fifty was recently tasked to create a new site to inspire guests ‘to take an offline trip to one of the region’s largest tourist attractions’. Stacy Keck Photo was chosen by the San Diego Tourism Authority, in partnership with the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, to capture Balboa Park’s multitude of public spaces, museums, events, and gardens for the project. Together, our work provided a platform accessible to both locals and visitors alike. Looking to plan your first trip or re-discover San Diego’s historic park? Browse through the website and be amazed by all it has to offer.

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  1. Stunning tones/colors in this Balboa Park photo set. Wow 🤩 and the writing is so vibrant.. from another time period, truly.

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